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Austin SEO Consultants has provided my company with the opportunity to compete and win against larger companies as well as dominate my industry on the web. The ability to increase our company's presence on the web has also helped my company save money by advertising less in other stale media such as radio, TV, and print.

Stan Terry, Owner, Fitness Unlimited & Busy Body

All websites are different, and when problems arise they are unique to each site. Instead of slapping on a humongous bill, setting up a standard optimization program and waiting for months on end, AustinSEOConsultants.com took the time to diagnose the specifics of our site that may be holding us down in the rankings and found a glitch that was easily rectified (not found by previous companies) and in a few short weeks we ranked #1 on google again! Not only were they quick, they were courteous, professional and affordable. Most importantly, they were honest about what they found and wanted what we wanted – great rankings!…a definite recommendation from us!

Colleen Kelly, Swimsuit Designer

I would just like to tell you how pleased Austin Area Obstetrics and Gynecology is with the website you have created for us. Your team is extremely professional. We appreciate the personal care and attention to detail that Austin SEO Consultants continues to provide. Without your help, we would never have a website that could reach so many patients and give them easy access to the information they need and deserve. Thank You!

Dr. Screven Edgerton, OB/GYN

Great news about the site in terms of year-over-year progress. In the period of June 1 2013 - Sept 30 2013 vs June 1 2012 - Sept 30 2012:


Unique Visitors increased by 102.36%, up to 14,756 from 7,292.


This means that over 7,000 more individual people visited drmoliver.com compared to this period last year.


Pageviews increased by 189.03%, up to 98,779 from 34,176.


Pages per Visit increased by 53.80%, up to 5.38 from 3.50.


This means that many more people did not just go to the home page, but instead visited many different parts of the site, and that on average, each person visited more pages during each visit before leaving the site, compared to this period last year.


Bounce Rate decreased by 59.26%, down to 19.37% from 47.53%.


Bounce rate is the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site. This means that people are far more likely to stay on the site compared to this period last year.


This is an important one, because it means two things: 1) That people are "accidentally" finding the site less and instead are looking for information about Plastic Surgery in general or Dr. Moliver specifically, and 2) tThat people who do stumble upon the site are more captivated by what they see and less likely to leave.


In conclusion, compared to this period last year, 102% more people visited drmoliver.com, those people were far more likely to read about a procedure, watch a video, check out a blog, or request an appointment, and 59% less likely to leave without clicking through to something on the site.

Dr. Clayton Moliver, Plastic Surgeon

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