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Social Media Marketing in AustinSocial networking sites like Facebook and Twitter allow companies to communicate and disseminate information to customers and prospects in a way they never could before. Businesses that engage in meaningful and useful dialogue with their customer base have a significant advantage over their competition. Social media is a part of your business whether you’re engaging in it or not. Just because you aren’t participating in the conversations doesn’t mean people aren’t talking about your brand online.

Savvy brands know that whether they are listening or not, customers are talking online, and the worst thing they can do is turn a blind eye. Whether the buzz is good, bad or indifferent, it is much better to know what is being said and to be there to respond to comments. Customers expect brands to be active on social media sites and they expect a certain level or openness and transparency. Demonstrating openness via social networking sites helps build a sense of trust and credibility around your business. The relationships developed over social media often translate offline as a company establishes themselves as a trusted source of information in their industry.

Austin SEO Consultants help you extend your reach as a brand on sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social networking is not only an important means of cultivating customer relationships, it is also a powerful tool in your overall online marketing strategy. The social web is playing an increasingly important role in SEO as search engines like Google and Bing are now indexing content from social media sites. These highly trafficked sites can also be used to drive traffic to your already existing content and other useful information on your website.

As with most marketing endeavors though, social media marketing requires strategic goals and dedication. That’s where Austin SEO Consultants comes in. Our social media strategists can help you get off the ground and running with your social media campaign. We offer a range of social media plans that offer varying levels of involvement. The right social media package for you will depend largely on how directly involved you and your staff will be in maintaining your social media presence.

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