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Strengthen Your Website

Strengthen Your Website

Once our team has performed a technical review of your website and made necessary changes, including meta-tag revisions, removal of uneccessary pages, identifying broken links and duplicate content, etc... we will turn our attention to developing an effective internal content strategy. The initial phase of your content development strategy usually entails beefing up your website's existing pages by adding relevant, keyword-enriched content to your current web copy.

Once all of your existing content has been optimized, we turn our focus to building and implementing a content creation plan for the long haul. Using your keyword portfolio as a blueprint, our SEO writers will begin creating individual site pages for your primary, revenue-producing keywords and work their way through your secondary key-phrases to ensure your website is optimized to grab more of the long tail traffic in your industry.

Visit our Content Creation page to learn more about our SEO content strategy.

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