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ROI Tracking & Lead Management Software

Our firm also provides lead management software to help you better manage your prospects and track the effectiveness of your marketing investments. Selling MyLeadConverter software and SEO services as a package deal allows us to offer businesses a total online marketing program at an affordable price.

Our MyLeadConverter integrated marketing package includes all of the software’s sales workflow tools. This web-based software suite helps to significantly increase conversion rates on not only the leads you receive via Austin SEO Consultants, but any other advertising channel you use as well.

Adding lead management software to your SEO plan gives you access to real-time performance data and allows us to re-strategize our campaigns based on these important insights. MyLeadConverter automatically captures leads generated through your online marketing efforts and traditional ads such as radio, TV and print. The system tracks leads from inception all the way to revenue so you know exactly which campaigns are producing results. MyLeadConverters’ reporting tools can even track leads all the way from search engines to purchase, so that we can see which keywords are generating the most profit for your business, and double-down on these search terms.

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